Multinational companies looking for actuarial expertise may think that they need to go to a multinational firm for advice. Here at GLOBACS, we believe that there is an alternative and superior model. We are an association formed of three networks of firms, all independent of each other, and all proud of our own identity, but who have for many years worked closely with one another to share technical expertise and to coordinate advice to international clients. Clients also take reassurance in the knowledge that other member firms reflect the principles of professionalism, independence and value that they have come to expect.


Each member firm is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of the actuarial profession – and most are long-established by local standards and influential in financial services circles. Great emphasis is placed on professional qualifications and training within member firms.

Local expertise

Our firms are all locally managed (with an emphasis on independent ownership) which means we each have a long term commitment to our “home” market including a high profile and an in-depth knowledge of our local financial services industry and its regulators. We are not just a “postal address” for advice that is formulated elsewhere. Member firms therefore offer genuine overseas expertise as opposed to simply an overseas presence. This is of great value for clients with international parents or subsidiaries, or companies involved in periodic cross-border corporate activity.

Cost-effective advice

Because we operate locally within our particular spheres of expertise, we do not carry the costs of larger multinational organisations. Each member can therefore offer cost-effective, value-for-money rates for their professional services.


We have a solid track record of successful cooperation on international projects. Clients of member firms can expect a consistent professional standard of advice on cross-border issues, even where countries have entirely different frameworks for pension provision, insurance regulation and actuarial practice.